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Which Velveteen Rabbit Character Are You Most Like?

Which fantastical character from this classic story are you? This personality quiz will match you to your Velveteen Rabbit character!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 27th 2024

If The Velveteen Rabbit is one of your all-time favourite book, this quiz might just be your new fave! See which character you are - are you the Velveteen Rabbit, a dreamer and a believer? Or are you more like the Boy, a kind and loving friend? Take the quiz and find out! And we've got more literary personality quizzes if you still need more! Find out what kind of writer you are, what kind of library you would run, and which book should be next on your reading list!


Pick a toy!


Which season is your favourite?


What feels the nicest under your hands?


What's the most valuable thing to you?

Paddington | StudioCanal | David Heyman | Paul King

Choose another classic children's book!


If you could be any animal, which one would you want to be?


Now pick an animal lots of people don't like!


What kind of books do you usually read?


What sounds like a perfect Sunday?


Pick something to eat!

The Velveteen Rabbit!

You're the title character, the Velveteen Rabbit! You're curious and intelligent, and you'll stop at nothing to find out what you really want and where you really belong!

The Boy!

You're the Boy! You're smart, imaginative, and kind-hearted. You really care about your friends and will do anything to make sure they're okay. Your encouragement lifts everyone up!

The Skin Horse

You're the Skin Horse! You're wise, thoughtful, and a natural leader. You're great at giving advice, and you're probably a good student and a generous person overall!

The Nursery Magic Fairy

You're the Nursery Magic Fairy! You're whimsical, wise, and good at sensing what people need! You're the friend who will show up at any time for any problem!