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Are You Smarter Than Hermione Granger?

Could you be brighter than the brightest witch of her age? This quiz will test your smarts against Hermione Granger herself!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 20th 2024

Hermione is the smartest person in the whole Wizarding World - but are you smarter? This quiz will sort out the swots from the slackers, and show you if you could goe toe-to-toe with Hermione herself! Try some of our other Hermione quizzes too - find out what % Hermione you are, see how well you know Hermione quotes, or learn some fascinating facts about Hermione!


Where it Hogwarts?


What does Occulus Reparo do?


Where can you learn about the ceiling in the Great Hall?


How do you pronounce Leviosa?


What is the best use of a Time Turner?


What should you do if your friend gets a suspicious package for Christmas?


What's the best pet?


Pick a subject!


What's the worst thing?


Pick a weekend activity!

Not quite!

Looks like you and Hermione aren't quite on the level! Hey, it's okay - she's SO smart that most people aren't! You're probably more like Harry - brave, impulsive and great in a fight!


You're totally smart - but not quite at Hermione's level! You would be great in the Wizarding World though - you'd be a top student at Hogwarts!

You're equals!

You and Hermione are equally as smart - but you're not quite ready to beat her! It's a good thing though - you guys would be best friend if you were in the Potterverse!

Smarter than Hermione!

Amazing - you're actually smarter than Hermione Granger! Well done! You could totally run for Minister of Magic!