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What % Hermione Granger Are You?

How similar are you to the brightest witch of her age?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 3rd 2023

Is Hermione your favourite HP character? We can totally see why - she's smart, she's savvy, and she always manages to save the day! But how much are you actually like her? Do you study hard, or would you rather play exploding snap at the back of class?

Take the quiz and get your Hermione levels checked! Don't forget to find out which Hogwarts teacher you are, or what the HP characters would think of you - or even who your HP bestie would be!

1/10 A dog chewing homework

How quickly do you do your homework?

2/10 Snape and McGonagall in a library room with a bubbling cauldron

What's your favourite subject at Hogwarts?

3/10 A sleepy man at the dining table

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

4/10 An eye surrounded by lots of colours

Pick a colour!

5/10 Hogwarts surrounded by flying books and a shield featuring the four houses

What's your Hogwarts house?

6/10 A pile of dusty books, cooking utensils, a Golden Snitch and a chef's hat

Do you like to cook?

7/10 A hippogriff observes a selection of old books

Which book sounds the most interesting?

8/10 Dobby at a Christmas party

Are you going to the Yule Ball?

9/10 An owl flies over a row of shops in the winter

What's your favourite shop in Hogsmeade?

10/10 A kitten in a witch's hat, a meowing cat and an owl

Pick your perfect pet!

Result: 1 per cent


You're not very Hermione at all! That's not necessarily a bad thing - you probably prefer mischief to books!

Result: 30 per cent Hermione

30% Hermione

You're a little like Hermione! You probably prefer mischief over books, but you know when it's time to get serious!

Result: 60 per cent Hermione

60% Hermione

You have high levels of Hermione-ness! You love to read and pay attention in school, but you also know when to cut loose and have fun!

Result: 99 per cent Hermione

99% Hermione

Wow, if you scored any higher you would literally BE Hermione! Is anyone smarter than you?