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Harry Potter Personality Quiz: What Do The Characters Think of You?

If you visited Hogwarts, what would people think of you? Take this quiz and find out!

1/10 A young wizard

You have a free hour during an afternoon at school. How will you spend it?

2/10 Ron Weasley and a book of spells

What's your favourite spell?

3/10 A school dinner

What's your favourite school meal?

4/10 A schoolboy waving a magic wand

If you could design your own wand, what would be its core material?

5/10 A professor standing outside a big old school

If you could make up your own Hogwarts house, what would it be called?

6/10 Two Hufflepuff students

Who are you most likely to be friends with at Hogwarts?

7/10 A wrestler holding a video game controller

Pick a video game!

8/10 An old wizard

Who's your favourite non-Hogwarts wizard?

9/10 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Mess

How tidy is your room?

10/10 A pizza delivery chap

What is your patronus?

Total legend


Everyone in Hogwarts think you're the bees knees, or rather, the hippogriff's hooves!



People can't talk about how great Dumbledore is without immediately thinking of how awesome you are!



You're the time of person who people ask for help with their homework, because you're so clever!



You're fun to be around and it's got nothing to do with having access to a flying car. 

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