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Who's Your Harry Potter Best Friend? Quiz

From the hallowed halls of Hogwarts to Diagon Alley and the inescapable Prisons of Azkaban, one thing is for certain: If you’re destined to play a huge part in the Wizarding War (like a certain Mr Harry Potter) you’ll be needing some pretty staunch and solid friends.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022

We all know Harry Potter's best mates are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, but have you ever wondered who’d have been your best friend if you were in Harry's place? Take our totally magical quiz and find out!

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1/20 What’s your Patronus?


2/20 What house would the sorting hat put you in?


3/20 Now (just to check) ask your nearest friend or relative. What house do THEY think the sorting hat would put you in?


In the Harry Potter films and books, when you first meet a boggart, they take the form of the thing you most fear. What does your first boggart look like??


Who would you most like to be like?

6/20 A pineapple in a wood

You make camp in The Forbidden Forest, outside Hogwarts. What‘s the thing you’re not looking forward to?


Pick a role model…


Which monster from the Harry Potter films would you rather face?


How tidy is your room at Hogwarts?


What makes you laugh?

11/20 A Halloween monster quiz

You’re attacked by a dangerous monster that’s been hidden in your school by evil wizards. What do you do?


12/20 What’s your favourite colour?

13/20 Dumbledore's wand

What’s your favourite subject at Hogwarts?


Your friends are squabbling about who’s better, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. What do you do?


15/20 What’s your favourite sport?


What would you most like to be given on the Hogwarts Express?


What theme do you pick for your birthday party?


What’s your role in your real friendship group?


19/20 What’s your perfect holiday?


What is your favourite film?

Maze Runner | Gotham Group, Temple Hill Entertainment, TSG Entertainment | Goldsmith-Vein, Godfrey, Bowen, Stollman | Ball

You need a brave friend: Seamus Finnigan

Your Harry Potter best friend is Seamus Finnigan, the half-blood wizard and Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He might have taken a little time trusting you but he’s brave and loyal. Exactly what you’d need in your battle against Voldemort!

You need an impulsive friend: Dean Thomas

Your Harry Potter Best Friend is Dean Thomas. Remember when Dean Thomas cast that spell on the Boggart? Exactly the kind of imaginative spell casting you’d need in the never ending battle between good and evil!

You need a kind friend: Katy Bell

Your Harry Potter Best Friend is Katie Bell. She’s kind and gentle (unless you’re playing on the opposing quidditch team) which means she’d be a great person to help you get back on your feet after taking a beating from whatever maniacal monstrosity Voldermort throws at you next!

You need a clever friend: Hermione Granger

Your Harry Potter best friend is the same as Harry Potter’s best friend. For everything Harry struggles with, Hermione is there, handily providing the knowledge and spell casting ability to unlock doors, solve clues and generally do all the things Harry can’t!