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Ultimate Hermione Granger Quiz!

Ever wondered if you're similar to Hogwarts' biggest swot? Take this quiz and find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  November 29th 2022

Remember, this is a scientific quiz and results are final!


1/10 Pick a Hogwarts house!

2/10 Hermione in a library

Are you always top of the class?

3/10 Hermione in a vast corridor

How would your classmates describe you?

4/10 Hermione in a strange brick room

Would you say you're a bit bossy?

5/10 Hermione next to a cauldron

Do you ever break the rules?

6/10 Hermione in space

How loyal are you to your friends?

7/10 Hermione outside of Hogwarts

Would you say you're always right?

8/10 Hermione in a messy dorm room

How tidy are you?

9/10 Hermione and a spell book

A classmate has got a spell wrong. What do you do?

10/10 Hermione and a chalkboard

Complete the following sentence: If something's worth doing, it's worth doing...

0% Hermione

You are: 0% Hermione!

You're completely, and absolutely, nothing like Hermione. You're more like Harry Potter, if anything.

35% Hermione!

You are: 35% Hermione!

You're a tiny bit bossy and sometimes enjoy doing your homework.

75% Hermione!

You are: 75% Hermione!

All the signs are there: bossy, loyal, love homework...

100% Hermione!

You are: 100% Hermione!

You couldn't be more like Hermione Granger if you tried!Β