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Which Comic Book Character Are You?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/8 Steak and chips

What's your favourite food?

2/8 Two friends are sidekicks

Who's your sidekick?

3/8 A person doing a skateboarding trick

What's your favourite hobby?

4/8 A dog smiling

What's your ideal pet?

5/8 A person playing chess

Which skill would you want the most?

6/8 A bowl of spaghetti

How do you eat spaghetti?

7/8 A bad guy

Who is your enemy?

8/8 A speech bubble

What's your motto?



You're Asterix! You may be small but you've got super strength! You like nothing more than hanging out with your friends, eating roast boar and occasionally fighting the Romans



You're Bananaman! You love truth, justice and bananas!

Random House


You're Garfield! You love hanging out, chilling, being sarcastic and of course, lasagne!

Lucy from Peanuts
Charles M. Schulz


You're Lucy from Peanuts! You're the smartest person you know and everyone is impressed by you!