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Which Dad V Girls Girl Are You?

Kaci? Grace? Sarah-Jane? Find out which of the girls from Dad V Girls is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

Pick a colour:


What would you rather be doing right now?

Dad v Girls | Youtube

What do you think of spicy food?

Dad v Girls | Youtube

Pick a Dad v Girls video:

Dad v Girls | Youtube

And which of these videos was your LEAST favourite?


Pick a hairstyle:

@dadvgirls | instagram

What do you think about your dad?


Which of these things is most annoying?

Dad v Girls | Youtube

Pick a challenge:

@dadvgirls | instagram

You're Kaci!

You're Kaci, the oldest of the Conder kids! You look after your younger sisters and you're a real quick-thinker - which comes in handy when your dad keeps trying to wind you up!!

@dadvgirls | instagram

You're Grace!

You're the second oldest Conder kid - Grace! You're smart and confident, and love playing pranks on your older sister. But then again, you have to like pranks to get along in your house!

@dadvgirls | instagram

You're Sophie!

You're the youngest of the Conder kids (well, except for little baby Chloe)... you're mischievous and maybe your dads favourite (though he might not admit that in front of your sisters).

@dadvgirls | instagram

You're Sarah-Jane!

You're the mum of the family - Sarah-Jane! You're smart and caring, and work hard to look after your kids...oh, and you put up with a lot from your annoying husband!