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Which Donkey Kong Character Are You?

Lanky, Diddy or Funky, which Kong will you be!?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 15th 2024

There are loads of different Kongs out there, so why not try your hand at this quiz and see for yourself which of them you've got the most in common with! Will Donkey Kong come easily or will you make a mule out the whole thing and end up with Cranky Kong? Let’s get into it and see how we get along! Bananas to the front, we’ve got work to do!

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You’ve only got one banana left, what do you do with it?


What is your favourite accessory?


What is your favourite colour?


Where would you rather go on holiday?


There is a barrel spinning toward you from a black hole in space, what do you do?


What is your favourite animal from this list?


Diddy Kong is stuck in a well, what do you grab to save them?


The sun is shining, and you've got some free time - how do you spend it?


What type of music helps you concentrate

Nintendo Corporation

King K. Rool has stolen your lunch - what do you do?

Nintendo Corporation

Donkey Kong!

Awesome! You’re the classic Kong! There is nothing wrong with that! You like things to keep it oldschool, after all if it isn’t broken, why would you waste time fixing it right?! What a result, but remember, if y7o’re not happy about it, why not try the quiz again and see if you can get a different result? We can’t promise that you will though!

Nintendo Corporation

Lanky Kong!

Nice! You’ve got most in common with Lanky Kong! Now Lanky Kong isn’t so well known, but just like all the Kongs out there they play a really important part in the story of the Donkey Kong! Lanky Kong is a result for the smarties of the world, because Lanky Kong is an Orangutan and they’re some of the most intelligent of all the apes! Maybe that’s why you’ve got this result?

Nintendo Corporation

Dixie Kong!

Amazing! You’ve got most in common with Dixie Kong! They’re one of the more popular of all the Kongs and don’t they know it! Of all of the different characters, Dixie Kong is probably the most fashionable of the lot! They might not have the brute strength of Donkey, or the intelligence of Lanky but by gum do they look good. A bit like you, they’ve got a spot on sense of fashion, well, for an ape anyway…

Cranky Kong!

Oh yes! What an amazing result! You’ve got Cranky Kong! Now this might seem a bit strange that we’re so excited about this - but Cranky Kong is Donkey’s Grandfather and he holds all the wisdom of the great apes! You’re the kind of person that knows knowledge and understanding is really important, no wonder you got this result! Great work!