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Which Exo Song Are You?

Which one of EXO's hits are you? It's time to find out with this expertly crafted personality quiz! Just answer some simple questions and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 19th 2022

EXO have so many hits, but which one best reflects your personality? There's just one way to find out! Answer these quiz questions and see which one of their songs you are!

1/10 Twice
Twice | What Is Love? | J.Y. Park, Lee Woo-min | JYP

Pick another K Pop group

2/10 Blackpink
Blackpink | Ice Cream | Selena Gomez, Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande, 24, Steven Franks | YG, Interscope | Seo Hyun-seung

Choose a Blackpink song

3/10 Woman thinking with question marks

Choose a Western artist to collaborate with

4/10 BigBang
BigBang | Bang Bang Bang | Teddy, G-Dragon, T.O.P | YG | Seo Hyun-seung

What would your role be in a K Pop group?

5/10 EXO
EXO | Tempo | SM, iriver

Choose an EXO member

6/10 Desserts and question mark

Pick a dessert

7/10 Giraffe and nice waterfall

Choose a holiday destination

8/10 Sloth and Ferris wheel

Pick a way to spend a day

9/10 S Club 7
S Club 7 | Don't Stop Movin | Simon Ellis, Sheppard Solomon, S Club 7 | Polydor, 19 | Andy Morahan

Choose a cheesy 90s/2000s pop song

10/10 Bird on branch and arrow
Please add image credits here

Pick a bird

Love Shot Result

Love Shot

You're Love Shot! You're a romantic at heart who can get a little dramatic when it comes to love! You put all your feelings into everything you do, and you're always ready for a good cry!

Monster Result


You're Monster! You're exciting, energetic and you love the darker moments in life! You're a big EXO fan and you love their dramatic videos the most! But don't worry - you're no monster!

Don't Fight The Feeling Result

Don't Fight The Feeling

You're Don't Fight The Feeling! You're passionate and you always go after what you want! You love nothing more than a good dance with friends, and you know every EXO song off by heart!

Obsession Result


You're Obsession, but that doesn't mean you're obsessive! Although you ARE a huge EXO fan! You love nothing more than a challenge, are super sporty and can always be found doing something outdoors!