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Which F1 Team Should I Support Quiz!

Get your brain in gear to find out which F1 team you should support!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 31st 2022

So you’re an F1 fan? Are you a Lewis Hamilton follower or is Max Verstappen more your kind of driver? Not too sure? There’s only one way to find out for certain. Get your brain in gear… Tune your engine… Put the pedal to metal… It’s time to play the only thing in the world that’s more exciting than the F1 Grand Prix… Yes that’s right, it’s The Beano’s Which F1 Team Should I Support Quiz.


1/10 What colour car would you buy?


Who’s your favourite driver?


Which road car would you drive?

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4/10 Pick a country to visit on holiday?

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5/10 What’s your favourite food?


How would you drive a F1 car?


Pick a word that describes your style

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8/10 Pick an animal!


What are you going to put on a hotdog? You can only choose one!


What’s your favourite thing abut F1?

You Should Support Ferrari

Sometimes you can be a bit of a show off so what better F1 team to support than the classic Ferrari team! Their bright red cars and multiple titles are the perfect attention grabbers for when you want to be the centre of attention!

You Should Support Red Bull

Sometimes you literally can’t stop joking around. There’s not an activity you can’t disrupt with a cheeky gag or prank. You’re just like F1 Red Bull, the new team in town that’s shaking the world of F1

You Should Support McLaren

You’re all about the facts. There’s nothing you don’t know about engines, cars or F1 in general. Performance is key, so you love being top of the class just like McLaren like being first on the grid.

You Should Support Mercedes

You like the luxurious things in life as Team Mercedes is the nteam for you. The F1 cars might be stripped down for maximum performance, but there’s something about Mercedes that says “I will only stay in the finest of hotels.” You’d fit right in!