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10 Question Which Fairytale Character Are You Quiz!

Fairytale princess or wooden puppet? Find out which magical character best matches your personality with this epic fairytale quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 22nd 2022

Once upon a time, there was a digital device and a Beano reader who thought about fairytales and which character they might be most similar to. They picked up their smartphone, tablet or went on the family computer to do a special quiz which might help them find out this answer once and for all. They took the quiz and lived happily ever after.

Classic fairytales like Beauty and the Beast were such powerful stories that they were passed down through generations before anyone thought to write them down on paper hundreds of years later, or even turned them into fairytale personality quizzes.

The Brothers Grimm (Wilhelm and Jacob to their pals) and Hans Christian Andersen are famous fairytale authors, who transformed European folklore into stories we know today, like Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. So which magical fairytale character do you think you’re most like?

There’s a lot of different fairytale characters, so we’ve narrowed them down in four categories. Maybe you’ve picked Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who turned into a real boy. Maybe you’ve thought that you closely resemble Little Red Riding Hood – which the Grimm brothers called Rotkäppchen – particularly if you wear red hoodies and have met a a bad-tempered wolf. You could have given the grumpy chap Rumpelstiltskin some serious thought, too. Or you may have watched the Disney film Tangled and thought your long hair nudged you towards choosing Rapunzel? 

The fairytale expert department at Beano HQ have created a highly scientific personality quiz to cut out the guesswork. By answering these 10 simple questions, our computer will take a close look at your answers and present you with a definite answer!

Are you ready to take this quiz? Take your time and give each question some thought before answering. Good Luck!


Pick something to go on your head:


Who gives the best birthday presents?


What would you rather?


You're walking through the forest and a talking badger asks you for directions. What do you do?


Pick a snack:


A charming prince asks you to look after his horse whilst he takes his outfit to the dry cleaners. You can't really be bothered and don't like the prince very much. What do you do?


What do you think about Cinderella?


What do you think about football?


What's your favourite thing about yourself?


Do you get on well with other fairy tale characters?

You're Pinocchio!

You're a talking wooden doll - and also a massive liar! You just want to be a real boy, and you might eventually become one - but only if you stop telling fibs!

You're Little Red Riding Hood!

You love your granny and you dislike being eaten by wolves (no surprise there). You also like going for walks in the woods, but keep your eyes peeled!

You're Rumpelstiltskin!

You're a mischievous and slightly creepy imp... always appearing out of nowhere and making dodgy deals with people. You have a great name though, and all the other fairy tale characters look at you with a kind of confused respect.

You're Rapunzel!

You're the lovely Rapunzel, with world-famous golden hair that you dangle out of castle windows. You're no push-over though, and regularly tell men to go away and leave you alone. It's not your fault everyone wants to marry you! 

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