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Which Famous Olympic Athlete Are You Quiz?

Have you ever watched Olympic heroes and wonder who you're similar to? Take this quiz for the true answer!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 17th 2021

Everyone who loves sport has had dreams of representing their country in the Olympic Games. While you take a break from your road to glory, why not take this personality quiz and see which sporting star you're most like?

On your marks, get set...

1/12 A hand reaching for a delicious packed lunch

What's the first thing you reach for when you have a packed lunch?

2/12 An athlete running over a pineapple

How do you like to spend your weekends?

3/12 A lady in a tracksuit enjoying a coffee in the park

What's your attitude when playing sports?

4/12 A man being hit with a football

What kind of sport appeals to you the most

5/12 A man surrounded by gadgets

What gadget could you not do without, especially in a country far from home?

6/12 An aeroplane waiting to take off

If you flew to Tokyo, what would you take to amuse yourself during the journey?

7/12 A stylish gentleman

What's the most stylish piece of clothing you own?

8/12 A smiling footballer

Who's your favourite footballer?

9/12 A woman enjoying some music

What’s your favourite type of music to help you focus during training?

10/12 A man thinking about a tough question

How would your friends describe you?

11/12 A plumber

What is your special skill?

12/12 Ultimate Gaming 50 Question Mega Quiz

What are your favourite hobbies?

Korean fencer Oh Sang-Uk
@ohsu.o_o | Instagram

You are: Oh Sang-Uk!

You're exactly like the South Korean fencing legend Oh Sang-Uk. It must be because you like waving your Star Wars lightsaber with a sense of style!

Team GB's Dina Asher-Smith
@dinaashersmith | Instagram

You are: Dina Asher-Smith!

You're just like Team GB athlete Dina Asher-Smith! It must be because you can run like the wind and carry a flag like a winner.

Tennis star Andy Murray
@andymurray | Instagram

You are: Andy Murray!

You wear a cap extremely well and have a knack of winning lots and lots of tennis games!

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles
@simonebiles | Instagram

You are: Simone Biles!

You're the US gymnastics icon Simone Biles. We bet you did loads of cartwheels while you took this test!