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Which Gymnastics Move Are You? Will You Flip or Flop?

Gymnastics is a whole body sport, but which move suits you best?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 5th 2024

There are so many different moves in gymnastics, and each of them require a different level and type of skill, so why not take this quiz and see which of them best suits the answers you’ve given! From balance to poise, strength to smoothness, gymnastics is a sport that uses your whole body and mind, so let’s see where you sit!


How quickly can you get up a flight of stairs?


What is your favourite genre of music?


When do you wake up in the morning?


It’s breakfast time, what are you having?


Why do gymnasts use chalk on their hands?


What is your favourite piece of gymnastic equipment?


What is your favourite drink?


You’ve got a day off from practising, how do you spend it?


What flavour is your dream birthday cake?


What is the most important skill for a gymnast?

The Forward Roll!

This is one of the main basics of gymnastics and it involves rolling head-first along the floor. You’ve got this result because you’re the kind of person that likes to take things easy, and do them right. You might have tried this roll before in a park or at school, but there is a proper way to do it, and you should always be sensible around gymnastic moves because you might end up hurting yourself!


People might not think that this is gymnastics, but they’d be wrong! Handstands are one of the core bits of the sport! They teach your body how to balance and how to hold and control your weight when you’re upside down! You can practice up against a wall, but be sure to get some help from someone, you wouldn't want to fall on your head!


Now this one is a bit trickier, but you’re the kind of person that doesn’t mind a little bit of a challenge when it comes to trying out new things! A round-off is a bit like a levelled up cartwheel, where as you go over onto your hands, you pop back and spring up turning in the air. It sounds fancy, but once you’ve worked it out it’s super simple! Check out some videos online on how to do it, and don’t forget to be safe and warm up lots first!

Aerial Cartwheel!

Okay! Now this one is pretty tricky and it’s got a lot to do with trusting your body, which is probably why you got this answer, because you’re the kind of person that is really in touch with their body! Now of course, you should only try an aerial cartwheel once you’ve perfected a normal one, but it’s basically like a round-off, or a cartwheel, but you use your back leg to spin yourself all the way around. It’s really impressive so why not check out some videos? But if you try it, don’t forget to do it in a safe place like a gym, jumping around upside down isn’t a walk in the park and it can be dangerous!