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Roarrrrrrr! Which Halloween Monster Am I?

Which Halloween monster are you? Do you have fangs, slime or a tail? Take our spooky quiz and we'll tell you just what creepy creature you are! Good luck!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  October 4th 2022

Answer these Halloween questions and we'll let you know just what monster you are! And if you liked this, there's more Halloween Stuff here! We've also got some gruesome Vampire Facts as well as our How Hyped Are You For Halloween Quiz!

1/20 Creepy mummy with black splat

What noise do you tend to make?

2/20 Creepy cottage in the woods with arrow

Where do you live?

3/20 Vampire afraid of garlic on red background with orange splat

What are you scared of?

4/20 Bowl of beetles with Beano dog-witch and orange splat

What's your favourite thing to eat?

5/20 Wolf, bat and cat in forest with goofy eyes

Who do you hang out with?

6/20 Witch standing over cauldron with Beano tentacles coming out

What's your favourite thing to do?

7/20 Woman in red cloak with Beano pumpkin and arrow

What do you wear?

8/20 Boy dressed as mummy on orange background with orange splats

What's your goal in life?

9/20 Vampire on red background with Beano golin and ghost

What kind of monster would you hang out with?

10/20 Grumpy looking witch on red background with cobwebs

Do you like Halloween?

11/20 Still from Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters | Columbia Pictures | Ivan Reitman

Pick a movie

12/20 Gingerbread house with Beano witch burger

What are you most likely to say?

13/20 Salem, MA with Beano pumpkins

Pick a holiday destination

14/20 Dog dressed as witch holding broomstick in teeth with splats

Pick something you can't live without

15/20 Creepy doll on staircase with Beano cat

Pick a creepy haunted object

16/20 Ice cream with splats and Beano pineapple

Pick an ice-cream flavour

17/20 Jelly snake background with Beano ghost and spider

Pick a Halloween sweetie

18/20 Sunbathing pineapple and Beano vampire dog

If you were human for one day, what would you do?

19/20 Halloween background and Beano monsters

Which monster would you be afraid of?

20/20 Creepy figure in forest with orange splats

What's the best thing about being you?

Mummy result


You're a mummy! You've been brought back to life by an ancient curse and you want revenge! Grrrr!

Witch result


You're a witch! You spend all your time brew up potions and casting spells, and you love hanging out with your cat!

Vampire result


You're a vampire! You hate the daylight and you looove blood! You don't always look your best, which is fair, because you don't have a reflection!

Ghost result


You're a ghost! You spend your time floating around and thinking about your tragic death - maybe one day you'll move on, but it's not today!