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Which Harry Styles Song Are You? Quiz

We love Harry Styles here, but which one of his hits have you got most in common with?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 15th 2022

We're talking mood, we're talking vibe, if you could be like one of Harry's hits, which one would you be? Harry's songs mean so much to so many people, and they can they us a lot about the kind of person we are. Why not have a go and see for yourself which one of Harry's songs you've got most in common with!? Let's go!


What is your favourite breakfast?


What would you most like to do on a free day?


What is your favourite fruit?


A dog has eaten your homework, what do you do?


You've lost your keys, what do you do?


Which is your favourite instrument from this list?


What colour would your ideal bedroom be?


Which shoes would you rather wear?


How many is 'too many' guitars?



Harry_Styles | Twitter

You're most like 'As It Was'

Nice! You've got most in common with his track 'As it was' - it's a beautiful song full of emotion and energy, a little bit like you right? Thought so too!

Harry_Styles | Twitter

You've got the most in common with 'Golden'

Awesome, you're most like 'Golden', one of Harry's newer songs but still a great track. It's got a really nice energy to it, full of that perfect mix of funk and lyrics. This song shines brightly, just like you!

Harry_Styles | Twitter

You've got 'Isn't She Lovely'!

Cool! This is the song that bought Harry into our lives! It's actually by the artist Stevie Wonder, but when Harry sang it on X-Factor we all got goose-bumps! You're a bit like that, confident and up for anything, even singing in front of millions!

Harry_Styles | Twitter

You're most like 'Kiwi'!

Amazing! You've got the most in common with Harry's track 'Kiwi' - what a great result! This is a brilliant, clever and well thought out song, you should be pleased with your result here!