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Which Hype House Boy Are You?

Hype House is full TikTok boys! Which are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 6th 2021

1/9 What animal best matches your personality?


2/9 Now be honest... If you're friends compared your personality to an animal, what would it be?


3/9 What's you're favourite colour?


You're invited to the Hype House to make content and party! What snack are you going to bring?


Favourite Halloween Dress-up?


You've got some popcorn in the microwave and some friends coming round. What sport are you watching?


7/9 Where are you taking The Hype House crew on holiday this year?


What's your favourite book?


Without thinking too hard, complete the sentence... "Who dares...

@lilhuddy | Instagram

You're Lil' Huddy - Joker

You're like Chase. Not the Police dog from Paw Patrol but Chase Hudson (better known as Lil' Huddy). You're a confident, joker and always in the middle of the action!

@paperyates | Instagram

You're PaperYates

You're like Conner "Paper" Yates! Maybe sometimes you'd be better off thinking before taking action, but that means you wouldn't be you!ย 

@lopez_tony | Instagram

You're Tony Lopez

You're just like Tony Lopez, one half of the Lopez brothers. Family comes first with you, that's your motto. Sure you can have your squabbles, but so does everybody. At the end of the day, nothing beats being at home!

@petroutv | Instagram

You're Thomas Petrou

You're a natural born leader who likes to be in control. Maybe it can get you in trouble sometimes, but when things go wrong, you're the guy to sort it out!ย