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Which ‘Incredibles’ Family Member Are You?

Everyone's favourite superhero family are back – but which one are you most like? Find out with this, ahem, INCREDIBLE quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 12th 2022

Let's do this!

1/10 School classroom

How do you prefer to go to school?

2/10 Pizza

How many slices of pizza can you eat in one sitting?

3/10 Fizzy pop

You're thirsty and drink a whole bottle of pop. You feel a burp coming on. What do you do?

4/10 Tricky Dicky

What's your all-time best prank?

5/10 Football

What's the best way to play football?

6/10 A fancy dog

You've been invited to a fancy dress party. Who do you dress up as?

7/10 Art materials

You've entered an art competition. What do you paint?

8/10 Kermit

It's snowing! What do you do?

9/10 A jumping spider

You go to the bathroom and come face to face with a massive spider. How do you react?

10/10 A dog in a swimming pool

You go to the local pool. What's your swimming style?

Mr Incredible

You're Mr. Incredible!

You're a classic superhero and have incredible strength, can leap tall buildings and even have amazing senses. You've got it all!


You're Elastigirl!

You're like a rubber band and can even turn yourself into a parachute if you needed to. Or even a boat. That's awesome! 

Violet Parr

You're Violet Parr!

It must be pretty cool to make yourself invisible – especially when it comes to helping out around the house

Dash Parr

You're Dash Parr!

You can run at amazing speeds and, according to Elastigirl, a bit of a show off