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Which Incredibles Character Are You?

Which one are you most like? Find out now by taking this incredible quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  April 12th 2022

Which one are you?

1/10 A man eating popcorn
Robert E Blackmon | Giphy

What's your favourite snack?

2/10 A mini superhero

Who's your favourite superhero?

3/10 A boy eating an ice cream sandwich
Nickelodeon | Giphy

What's the best way to spend a sunny afternoon?

4/10 A very organised man in an tidy office

Are you an organised person?

5/10 A sporty woman drinking a bottle of water

What sport would you most like to try?

6/10 A man with a takeaway treat
John Crist Comedy | Giphy

Pick a takeaway!

7/10 An alarm clock

What are you like in the morning?

8/10 A dog placing a slice of pizza on a plate

How many times have you visited a pizza buffet in one sitting?

9/10 A man wearing a red cape

Which superhero has the best costume?

10/10 A time-lapse gif of the four seasons

What's your favourite season?

Mr. Incredible

You are: Mr. Incredible!

You're a bit grumpy but always do the right thing. Plus you could probably pick up a car or something!

Violet Parr

You are: Violet Parr!

You're a superhero and can make yourself invisible, which is pretty handy.


You are: Frozone!

You're cool as ice!

The Underminer!

You are: The Underminer!

You're full of mischief and love to cause mayhem with a digger!