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Which Itzy Member Are You Quiz?

Which Itzy member are you? Bit of a Ryujin or more of a Lia? Find out with this K-Poptastic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 19th 2021

We've all done it - hours spent wondering which member of South Korean K-pop squad Itzy we're most like. Well wonder no more dear reader, for here is the solid DATA which proves once and for all which Itzy member you are. For more K-Pop quizzery why not try our K-Pop Would You Rather Quiz, or find out Which Member of Red Velvet Are You?

1/10 | Instagram

What do you enjoy the most?

2/10 | Instagram

How would your friends describe you? 

3/10 A cat with a bowl of cat food, an egg and a burger

Fave food? 


What's your zodiac sign?


Pick a pet!

6/10 | Instagram

Fave Itzy song?

7/10 Rubber chicken on tropical beach

What is your ideal holiday?

8/10 | Instagram

How would describe your style?


What is your favourite colour? 

10/10 A clothes rack full of colourful t-shirts

What item of clothing do you prefer? | Instagram


You're Yuna! You're a natural dancer, you love cats and you're a born innovator. Good job! | Instagram


You're Yeji! As well as being a born leader, You love singing and the limelight, as well as chocolate and doggies! You're always there for your besties, no matter what. Good job! | Instagram


You're Lia! As well as singing, you love your friends and family, and you can always be relied upon to do the right thing. Good job! | Instagram


You're Ryujin! You've got style, sass and as well as being a great singer you're also a natural leader. Good job!