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Which Jebbey Family Member Are You?

Are you just like Jian Hao? Or a dead ringer for Debbie? Take this quiz and find out which member of the awesome Jebbey Family is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 3rd 2022

The Jebbey Family are one of the best known Youtubers in Singapore, and are making waves across Asia and the rest of the world! As well as getting up to all kinds of fun with they're daughter Starley and their many pets, Jian Hao and Debbie are also actors, TV personalities and work with charities when they get the time!

But the question on everyone's lips... is which one of them is most like you? There's only one way to find out - quiz!

1/10 Japan's high-speed train

Where would you rather go on holiday?

@Jebbey Family | Youtube

Pick a video by the Jebbey family:

3/10 A delicious school lunch

What's your favourite meal?

@thejianhaotan | instagram

What's more important?


Pick an animal:


What would you rather have as a snack?

@Jebbey Family | Youtube

Give this Youtube video a name!


What flavour is this mystery soup?


Pick a hobby:

@thejianhaotan | instagram

Where would you rather go for a fun day out?

You're JianHao Tan!
@thejianhaotan | instagram

You're JianHao Tan!

You're JianHao, the dad of the family and one of the most well-known people in Singapore! You're a caring and fun dad who really provides for his family - but you still manage to have a lot of fun making your Youtube videos! Not the result you wanted? Have another go and see who you get next time!

You're Debbie Soon!
@debbwie | instagram

You're Debbie Soon!

You're the mum, Debbie! You're a very caring mum, but still manage to have a life of your own and are very fashionable and glamorous. You have a lot of fun winding up JianHao too! Not the result you wanted? Have another go and see who you get next time!

You're Starley Tan!
@starleytan_ | instagram

You're Starley Tan!

You're the Jebbey family's youngest member - their baby daughter, Starley Tan! You're still quite a young kid so spend a lot of your time being scared of koalas and stuff like that when on holiday - but you're well used to life as part of an influencer family now!

You're BunCha!

You're BunCha!

You're baby Bun Cha, the Jebbey family's loyal pomeranian dog! You're very patient putting up with Starley, but it's all worth it seeing as how spoiled you are! Not the result you wanted? Have another go and see who you get next time!