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Which jmancurly Video Should I Watch Quiz?

It’s difficult to choose what to watch sometimes, so let us help!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 28th 2023

JMan has got loads of videos out there and picking the right one for the moment can be pretty tough! Thankfully we’re on hand to guide you through this difficult journey so get ready, because in a few minutes time you’ll know exactly what to watch! Let’s go!


What is your favourite animal?


There is a gorilla in your bathroom, what do you do?


It’s raining outside, what would you rather do?


The floor is lava - where do you jump!?


Where do you like THE LEAST?


When do you wake up in the morning?


You’ve won a ticket to go to the zoo, who do you take with you?


What is your favourite colour?


What is your dream superpower?


You’re lost in the forest, what do you do?

jmancurly | YouTube

Lava Floor!

Alright! Our big beano computer says that you should watch Jman’s The Floor is Lava video! You seem to like things to have that bit of drama and there isn’t much more dramatic than the boiling hot liquid centre of the Earth bubbling up out of the ground! Check out the video now!

jmancurly | YouTube

Jman's Music!

Nice! You’re the kind of person that loves being creative whenever they can so we think that you should spend some time listening to Jman’s music! Did you know he made songs too?! Check them out if you haven’t already, you can find them on his YouTube channel! Go on - what are you waiting for?

jmancurly | YouTube


The answers you’ve given can mean only one thing! And that is that you should watch Jman’s video about pretending to be a noob!! We won’t tell you what happens but you know how it’ll go! You’ll just have to check that one out for yourself! So what are you still doing here? On you go!

jmancurly | YouTube

Gorilla time!

Awesome! Thanks to your answers we’ve been able to figure out exactly the video that will spark joy for your whole day! We think that you should watch Jman’s attempt at playing Gorilla Tag on a trampoline, will he be able to jump higher? It’s time for you to find out for yourself!