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Which Little Miss Character Are You?

Which Little Miss are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  August 8th 2022

There’s so many Little Miss characters it’s hard to work out which one you’re most like. In reality, you’re probably a mix of a few. We think the average Beano reader is a cross between Little Miss Silly and Little Miss Trouble with just a tiny hint of Little Miss Contrary thrown in. See how you compare… Which Little Miss Character are you most like?

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1/10 What type of pet would you choose to own?


Which accessory would you buy?


What hairstyle would you choose?


Which word best describes your personality?

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5/10 What’s your favourite colour?


What do your teachers say to you most?

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7/10 Pick a primate that suits your personality?

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8/10 What’s your favourite snack?


What do you do most of all?


Pick your favourite Mr Men character without thinking too hard about it!

Roger Hargreaves | Little Miss Naughty

Little Miss Naughty

Uh Oh! Your test results have shown a severe case of the Little Miss Naughty’s! Turns out you’re a real prankster who can’t resist making a gag even if it’s at the worst possible time. You should come and work for the Beano. You’d fit right in!

Roger Hargreaves | Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

Everywhere you go, you bring the sunshine! Your beaming smile warms people’s hearts and your kind nature spreads nothing but pure joy around the world! You’re a lovely person in every way!

Roger Hargreaves | Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Chatterbox

You literally can’t stop talking! It doesn’t matter where you are (it could even be the cinema!) you just can’t stop saying anything. You even talk in your sleep. It doesn’t matter, there’s nothing wrong with being a good communicator. You should try being a TikTokker!

Roger Hargreaves | Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Shy

You like to keep yourself to yourself and your worst nightmare is to be the centre of attention. It’s all good though, because you modestly work your way through challenges and are secretly really good at everything. You just don’t see the need to show off!