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Which Maria Viktorovna ASMR Video Are You?

Which Maria Viktorovna video are you? It's time to find out with this awesome quiz! Choose some nice things and we'll tell you exactly which one of her videos you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  March 19th 2022

Are you a big Maria Viktorovna ASMR fan? Of course you are! Then it's time to find out which one of her soothing ASMR videos you are! Just answer a few questions about some nice sounds and objects, and we'll tell you which one you are!

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1/10 Choose a pattern!

2/10 Letters and question marks

Choose a word!

3/10 Pine trees and rubber chicken

Choose a calming smell!

4/10 Bubble wrap with face and splats

Choose a noise!

5/10 Turtle with Beano narwhal

Pick a cute animal next!

6/10 Alarmed cat and Beano ghost

How easily frightened are you?

7/10 Rainy roof with frog and arrow

Pick a nice nature noise now...

8/10 Harp with derpy giraffe

What instrument will you choose?

9/10 Crackling fire with goofy face

Pick another nice sound next...

10/10 Happy dog with blue splats

Which of these best describes you?

Ambient Autumn Aesthetic ASMR

Ambient Autumn Aesthetic ASMR!

You're ambient autumn! It's your favourite time of year, and you love Autumn sounds like crunchy leaves, crackling fires and cawing crows! Enjoy!

Cosy Library Ambience For Sleep

Cosy Library Ambience For Sleep!

You're library ambience! You find nothing more soothing than the rustle of paper, and like a library, you're clever, curious and wordy!

Fancy Fabrics ASMR

Fancy Fabrics ASMR!

You got fancy fabrics! Like these lovely soft fabrics, you're gentle and comforting! You love nothing more than a nice blanket!

Crystals Cataloguing ASMR

Crystals Cataloguing ASMR!

You've got crystal cataloguing! There's nothing more soothing to your hears than the tinkle of crystals and the rustle of paper! And like crystals you're bright, beautiful and full of energy!