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Which Minecraft Character Are You?

Which one are you?Find out in this epic quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 23rd 2022
1/8 Guy playing computer games

What's your favourite way to pass the time?

2/8 Man sitting alone on grass

Do you enjoy your own company?

3/8 Woman looking shocked

What are you most afraid of?

4/8 Puppy and kitten hugging

What's your dream pet

5/8 Man thinking

Can you keep a secret?

6/8 Man jumping in the air

Which one of these super powers would you most want?

7/8 Jewels

Pick something to collect

8/8 Girl dressed as superhero

Pick a hero

Minecraft | Nintendo, Windows


You're Steve! Yes, you look like a normal human man, but you're so much more!ย  For a start, everyone wants to be cool, which is pretty neat, and you've got loads of jobs including miner, builder and alchemist. Cool!ย 

Minecraft | Nintendo, Windows


You're a fox! You like hanging around villages and you like company. You're a night owl, or night fox rather AND you're one of the few mobs that can sleep! Phew!

Minecraft | Nintendo, Windows


You're a skeleton! You look a bit scary, but you also get a bow and arrow which is pretty cool. Just be careful not to go out in sunlight!ย 

Minecraft | Nintendo, Windows

Ender Dragon

Woah, you're an Ender Dragon! You're dangerous to know, you can fly and everyone fears you. Which might make you a bit lonely, but at least you look cool!ย