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Which Minecraft Creature Are You?

Answers these questions block by block, to see what creature YOU are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 8th 2017

Which Minecraft Creature Are You?

1/6 Happy Steve from Minecraft
Pinterest | Minecraft

What kind of mood are you usually in?

2/6 Friends with the creeper
Youtube | Captain Cake

How many friends do you usually hang out with?

3/6 Minecraft Beach Party

What's the best part of summer?

4/6 Minecraft Summer

What's your favourite part of Minecraft?

5/6 A lovely Minecraft picnic!
Youtube | MagmaMusen

What's your favourite food?

6/6 Pixelated Holiday

Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

Creeper bursting through!


You are focused and determined, anybody who gets in your way will be sorry! 

Dancing Skeleton!
Youtube | Abraham Animations


You like to party with friends and sometimes stay up far past your bedtime. Just sometimes.

Minecraft villagers
Youtube | TheMinecraftGuy105


You prefer home comforts and socialising, rather than venturing out in the big bad world. 

Minecraft pigs
Youtube | Kevin Raglin


You're easy to be around, and a lot of fun! Usually found outside, enjoying the sunshine.

Squids in the deep


You're super relaxed, and just like going with the flow. Frequently found chilling in a cool place!