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Which Minecraft Mode Should I Play?

Love Minecraft but can't decide which mode to play? Don't worry - we've made a quiz to help you choose!

1/12 Beano Minecraft mods
DC Thomson | Frima Studios

It's Friday afternoon. What are your plans for the next couple of days?

2/12 Minecraft stereo

What music do you listen to while playing Minecraft?

3/12 Minecraft house
One Team | YouTube

Do you ever look at one of your Minecraft creations and wish you could live in it?


How do you feel after playing Minecraft?


What would you rename this pig if you were allowed?

6/12 Running from a Minecraft zombie
Mojang | Microsoft

What skill do you have through playing Minecraft?

7/12 A moment of friendship in Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

Where do you normally play Minecraft, then?

8/12 A Minecraft picnic spread
Magmamusen | YouTube

What snacks do you think are essential to a Minecraft session?

9/12 Minecraft tools
Mojang | Microsoft

What kind of material would you never use to build something?

10/12 Minecraft wolves
Mojang | Microsoft

How much planning do you put into a Minecraft build?

11/12 A creeper
Mojang | Microsoft

You look outside and see a mob of creepers wandering about outside. Using your Minecraft skills, how do you deal with this?

12/12 A stopwatch against a Minecraft-style background

How much time do you spend playing Minecraft each day?

Minecraft: Creative Mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Creative Mode!

You enjoy the freedom of creating your own world with massive blocks using your imagination. There are no rules and everything you do is fun!

Result: Survival mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Survival Mode

You're all about battling enemies and using things you find to further your quest!

Minecraft: Hardcore Mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Hardcore Mode

This mode is for people who take Minecraft a little more seriously than the casual gamer!

Minecraft: Adventure Mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Adventure Mode

This mode takes in a little of everything: creative play, battling enemies and all that good stuff! Why's there a chicken here? Because they believe in you!

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