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Which Minecraft Mode Should I Play?

Love Minecraft but can't decide which mode to play? Don't worry - we've made a quiz to help you choose!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
1/12 Beano Minecraft mods
DC Thomson | Frima Studios

It's Friday afternoon. What are your plans for the next couple of days?

2/12 Minecraft stereo

What music do you listen to while playing Minecraft?

3/12 Minecraft house
One Team | YouTube

Do you ever look at one of your Minecraft creations and wish you could live in it?

4/12 Person playing Minecraft

How do you feel after playing Minecraft?

5/12 Minecraft pig

What would you rename this pig if you were allowed?

6/12 Running from a Minecraft zombie
Mojang | Microsoft

What skill do you have through playing Minecraft?

7/12 A moment of friendship in Minecraft
Mojang | Minecraft

Where do you normally play Minecraft, then?

8/12 A Minecraft picnic spread
Magmamusen | YouTube

What snacks do you think are essential to a Minecraft session?

9/12 Minecraft tools
Mojang | Microsoft

What kind of material would you never use to build something?

10/12 Minecraft wolves
Mojang | Microsoft

How much planning do you put into a Minecraft build?

11/12 A creeper
Mojang | Microsoft

You look outside and see a mob of creepers wandering about outside. Using your Minecraft skills, how do you deal with this?

12/12 A stopwatch against a Minecraft-style background

How much time do you spend playing Minecraft each day?

Minecraft: Creative Mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Creative Mode!

You enjoy the freedom of creating your own world with massive blocks using your imagination. There are no rules and everything you do is fun!

Result: Survival mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Survival Mode

You're all about battling enemies and using things you find to further your quest!

Minecraft: Hardcore Mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Hardcore Mode

This mode is for people who take Minecraft a little more seriously than the casual gamer!

Minecraft: Adventure Mode
Mojang | Microsoft

Adventure Mode

This mode takes in a little of everything: creative play, battling enemies and all that good stuff! Why's there a chicken here? Because they believe in you!