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Which Mineko's Night Market Character Are You?

Which villager of Mount Fugu Island are you? Are you adventurous, curious, upbeat, competitive, or mysterious? It's time to find out!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 21st 2023

Are you playing Mineko's Night Market? It's so cute, fun and relaxing, and if you've become a fan you definitely want to know which character you are! Answer these carefully-selected questions to discover your Mount Fugu Island soulmate - who will you be? Don't forget to check out some of our other gaming quizzes, too! Find out which Stardew Valley villager you are, or which Animal Crossing villager you are!


What's your favourite kind of video game?


Pick a craft!


What's your perfect pet?


Where would you love to spend a weekend?


Pick something good to eat!


Choose an aesthetic!

Kiki's Delivery Service | Studio Ghibli | Toei Company | Hayao Miyazaki

What's your favourite Studio Ghibli film?


Which season is your favourite?


Which of these countries would you love to visit?


Pick an unusual way to travel!

Mineko's Night Market | Meowza Games | Humble Games


You're Mineko! You're curious and smart, and you love to explore! You're also super crafty and creative!

Mineko's Night Market | Meowza Games | Humble Games


You're Dad! You're sensible and responsible, but you absolutely love a good dad joke (and also a bad dad joke)!

Mineko's Night Market | Meowza Games | Humble Games


You're Bobo! You're adventurous, and you're an expert on all things strange and mysterious! You're also very chatty and great at making friends!

Mineko's Night Market | Meowza Games | Humble Games


You're Miyako! You're competitive and ready for any challenge, and we bet you love a good racing game!