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Which Monster Hunt Character Are You?

Monster King or that cuddly baby radish thing? Take this quiz and find out what character from the fantastical adventure movie Monster Hunt is most like you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 30th 2022

Have you seen Monster Hunt? Then answer these questions and we'll tell you what character from the magical Chinese epic you're most like! Could it be cuddly Wuba? Or the sassy huntress Huo Xiaolan? There's only one way to find out!

Ready? Let's go!


Pick a snack:


Where would you rather visit?


Pick an outfit:

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Pick a celebrity:


You suddenly find yourself transported to the Monster World. What do you do now?


Which of these is more annoying?


How would you eat this bowl of noodles?


What's most important?


Pick a party trick:

10/10 Monster

Are monsters evil?

Monster Hunt | BDI / Edko Films | Yuan Cai | Raman Hui

You're Song Tian Yin!

You're Wuba's human father! You were obviously very surprised to be giving birth to a monster (who wouldn't be) but you've really taken to the little scamp. You might just be a humble farmer, but you won't stop at anything to save little Wuba! Sound like you?

Monster Hunt | BDI / Edko Films | Yuan Cai | Raman Hui

You're Wuba!

You might look like a radish, but don't let that fool you! This 4-armed cutie is actually heir to the throne of the Monster World - whih obviously spells trouble for, well pretty much everyone. Not the result you were looking for? Have another go at this quiz and see if you can get a different result!

Monster Hunt | BDI / Edko Films | Yuan Cai | Raman Hui

You're Lord Ge Qian Hu!

You're the totally evil Ge Qian Hu! You might look like a grumpy nobleman, but beneath your human skin is the terrifying form of the Monster King! There aren't many positives of being this character, although you do have excellent taste in clothes!

Monster Hunt | BDI / Edko Films | Yuan Cai | Raman Hui

You're Huo Xiaolan!

You're the super-smart huntress, Huo Xiaolan! There's nothing that gets past you, and your skills will definitely come in handy saving Wuba and fighting off the Monster King! Not what you were looking for? Try another personality quiz!