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Which Monsters, Inc Character Are You?

Most people think monsters are scary, but we all know there’s more to it than that! So let’s go on a journey and find out which one you’re most like!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 16th 2023

It’s a question that can keep you up on those cold nights as you wonder about what might be hiding underneath your bed! Of course, it’s what kind of monster you’d be if the roles were the other way around! Why not have a go at this quiz and find out for yourself the kind of monstrous Monsters Inc creature that you’ve got most in common with! Let’s go!


Where do the scariest monsters live?


What is scarier to you?


There is a child/monkey in the scaring department, what do you do?


If you had to disguise yourself as a monster, what would it look like?


Roz the giant slug has her eye on you, what do you do?


A scaring portal has been left open, what do you do?


You’re trapped in the Himalayas, what do you do?


Randall is sneaking around after dark, what do you do?


What do you do when you’re scared?


Which is the scariest place to visit?


Alright! Epic, you’re Sully! If a character could be loveable and terrifying at the same time, Sully would be them! A little bit like Sully you’ve got a whole wonderful personality just underneath the surface if only someone would look- scaring is just a job right? What a great result though, because just like you, Sully cares about the creatures around them, awesome!


Awesome! You’ve got most in common with Mike! Mike might be small in size, but they’ve got some real scary energy that they can call on at a moment's notice! A bit like you, people might at first underestimate you, but when push comes to shove, you always come through whatever challenges might come your way! Epic!


You’re Roz! Codename number 1! Now most people think that Roz is just a big grumpy slug, but everyone knows that it’s Roz that really controls how Monsters Inc is run - it’s not the big bosses, it’s the people in the scaring department that do the work! And just like Roz, you know how to get things done, it takes planning and attention to detail! Nice!


You’re Boo! You’re not a monster, in fact you’re the monster’s worst nightmare! You’re unafraid in every situation, it doesn’t matter how big, snarling, spooky or droopy - nothing gets you! Except maybe Randall sometimes! Boo is one of the strongest characters in the whole film series, so what a result! Epic stuff!