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Which NFL Team Should You Support? Quiz

Love American Football but unsure what team is for you? Let the Beano decide your favourite NFL team!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Pick a state that isn't Texas


Pick a museum to browse for a couple hours on your way to the game...


3/9 Pick your kit's main colour...


4/9 Pick your teams highlight colour...


Pick a mascot that isn't some kind of spider royalty


Pick a badge...


What kind of weather do you like?


8/9 Pick your favourite animal?


Fourth and ten... You're the Quarterback. What do you do?

New England Patriots

Like the patriots you were born to win. You deserve the best but you know that only dedication and hard work will get you to the top!

Pittsburgh Steelers

Zero to Hero! Just like the Pittsburgh Steelers, you've dragged yourself up from the bottom to get to the top. You're a big shot now but you'll never forget your humble beginnings.

Green Bay Packers

Like the Green Bay Packers you're all the team. Football's not just about winning, it's far more important than that. It's something that brings people together! 

Kansas City Chiefs

You're the best around, but you know that taking it easy at the top is a sure fire way to get sacked!

Grogansville Pelicans

What the Offensive Lineman!?! This isn't a real football team! This is a SOCCER team. Try again and TAKE IT MORE SERIOUSLY! Football's not a matter of life and death.. It's far more important!