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Personality Quiz: Which Character from LEGO Elves are You Most Like?

Everyone loves LEGO Elves! But which character from the land of Elvendale are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 6th 2018

Which LEGO Elves character are you?


First question! What do you think is your best quality?


2/11 Which of these would be your superpower, if you had one?


Which of these is your favourite creature? Doesn't matter if it's real or imaginary (or realmaginary)


4/11 Which of these things would people say is your WORST quality (even if you don't think so)?


5/11 Which of these is your favourite colour?


6/11 If you could live anywhere, where would it be?


7/11 If you had to wear any of these outfits, which one would you wear? (Imagine your favourite colour on it)


8/11 Which of these is your favourite meal?


9/11 What sort of holiday would you take, if you could do anything you wanted?


How do you think you'd react if you suddenly found yourself in danger?


11/11 AND FINALLY! FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! Which precious gem do you love most?

You are Emily Jones!

You're Emily Jones! You're the heart of your group, and quick to solve any problem that befalls your friends. Even though you can feel out of place sometimes, you always find your feet and find a way to help those around you! GO YOU!

You are Azari Firedancer!

You're Azari Firedancer! You are fun personified, and your fiery personality brightens the day of anyone you meet. You can get bored easily and sometimes you're too reckless - but you're the most exciting person and everyone knows it!

You are Naida Riverheart!

You are Naida Riverheart! You're a sensitive daydreamer who isn't afraid to follow your aspirations. You can be quite stubborn, but at heart you're confident, helpful, wise - and very powerful when you want to be!

You are Farran Leafshade!

You are Farran Leafshade! You're a kind, strong and nurturing personality, with the patience and compassion that lets you help everyone you meet. You might not be 'leader' material right now - but you're the rock on which your friendship group is built! GO YOU!

You are Cronan Darkroot, the Goblin King!

UH OH! You are Cronan Darkroot, the elf lord who uses the power of mind control to control his bands of goblins! You are powerful, mysterious, and scarily clever. On the other hand, you love to laugh and have loads of unusual talents!

You are Aira Windwhistler!

You are Aira Windwhistler, the free spirited elf with wind powers! You're extremely bright and can solve problems as soon as look at them, even if sometimes you're a bit too prone to gossip and forgetful! GO AIRA, GO!