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Which Olivia Rodrigo Song Are You?

She's captivating fans and winning hearts with every song she drops - but if YOU were an Olivia Rodrigo song - which one would you be?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2022

It's a question we've all asked ourselves. Well now's the time to find out, with this EPIC personality quiz! For more prime personality puzzlers check out our Which Taylor Swift Song Are You Quiz, or put your Olivia observation to the test with the Ultimate Olivia Rodrigo Quiz!

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

How would your friends describe you?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What are you most likely to have in your bag/pocket?

3/20 A person relaxing on a beach with a dolphin in the background

How do you like to relax?

4/20 Burst of colour with eyes and mouth

What is your favourite colour?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What would you most like to eat?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Pick an item of clothing!

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What is your greatest strength?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What would you most like to do for a living?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What is the most annoying thing about you?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Where would you most like to go on holiday?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What is your favourite Olivia Rodrigo song?

12/20 A motivational speech

What are you most likely to say?

13/20 Witch costume

What would you dress as for Halloween?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What can’t you resist?

15/20 A selection of ice cream

Choose an ice-cream flavour!

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

What’s the meaning of life?

17/20 Custard pie being thrown

What would you do if someone chucked a custard pie in your face?

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Pick a musical genre!

19/20 A dog taking a selfie

Pick an animal!

20/20 Olivia outside Buckingham palace
@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Favourite weather?

Déjà Vu
@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Déjà Vu!

You’re Déjà Vu! You’re a psychedelic indie pop classic who is sassy, cool and moving ON. Nice result, good job!

Good 4 U!
@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Good 4 U!

You’re Good 4 U! You’re a piece of pop-punk genius with a bit of a grungy emo feel, that can be a little sarcastic at times. Nice work!

@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram


You’re Happier! You’re a piece of folk-pop smoothness, weaving cryptic messages and wishing people well. Good job!

Drivers License!
@Oliviarodrigo | Instagram

Drivers License!

You’re Drivers License! You’re a dramatic power ballad cruising through the suburbs having complicated emotions about EVERYTHING. Nice!