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Which Olivia The Cat Are You?

Taylor Swift doesn't know what a cat is

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  September 10th 2017

She had to ask Olivia a bunch of questions to find out!

taylor swift asking olivia a bunch of stuff

Now it's your turn! What kind of Olivia could you be?

1/8 Cat teeth

Have you got really long teeth and hang out with cavemen?

2/8 X-man cat

Are you a grumpy X-Man in a nappy?

3/8 Meow Town cat

Is your popstar mum the queen of Meow-Town?

4/8 Snow cat

Are you made of snow and slowly turning into water?

5/8 Sleep cat

Are you pretty much asleep right now?

6/8 Pointy cat

How pointy is your head?

7/8 Pegasus cat?

What is a Pegasus?

8/8 Taylor swift and olivia
Instagram | taylorswift

Finally, do you want to write some songs?

Saber-Toothed Tiger Cub Olivia!

You are Saber-Toothed Tiger Cub Olivia!

Look at the isle cute cat with his big tee- AAAARGH!

Baby Wolverine Olivia

You are Baby Wolverine Olivia!

A hairy mutant rebel with adamantium claws! Or a wolf thing from Canada.

The Princess of Meow-town!

You Princess Of Meow-Town Olivia!

All the other cats bow down to your sweet sass!

Melting Snowman Olivia

You are Melting Snowman Olivia!

…soon to be Puddle Olivia if it ever gets sunny again

Sloth Olivia

You are Sloth Olivia!


Unicorn Olivia

You are Unicorn Olivia!

Such Majesty! Such Grace! Such a horn coming out of your face!

Magical Pegasus Olivia

You are cMagical Pegasus Olivia!