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Which Overwatch 2 Character Are You?

D.Va? Doomfist? Junker Queen? Find out which hard-hitting Overwatch 2 character is most like you with this epic gaming quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  November 22nd 2022

Everyone's got a favourite character in Overwatch 2, and let's be honest - there are lots to choose from! There are characters for all gaming styles, so whether you prefer sneaky ambush attacks or massive hulking robot punches, you can be sure there's a character out there for you!

Are you stuck on which one to play as, or are you not sure who your favourite is? Answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you exactly which Overwatch character is the best fit for your personality! Well what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

1/10 A roaring barbecue

What would you rather eat for dinner?


Do you like wearing armour?

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

You prefer weapons that are... what?


Pick an ultimate attack!


What's your favourite strategy?

6/10 A sloth and a pigeon relax in a treehouse

Where would you rather spend an afternoon?


Pick a game that's NOT Overwatch:


Pick an ability:


What's your biggest weakness?

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

Roadhog is running towards you! What do you do?

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

You're D.Va!

You pilot a massive and hugely powerful mech! Your mech can soak up loads of damage, and when it's on a rampage there isn't much that can stop it. There are fast-firing fusion cannons, mini missiles and even a self-destruct fuction! Your only weakness is if you have to fight without your big mech suit on, because actually you're quite weak on your own. Not so tough now, big guy! Would you rather be a different character? Then take this quiz again!

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

You're Doomfist!

You're a tank character, and like getting up close to your enemies. You have a huge mechanical arm with a short-range cannon inside, that you can use to obliterate anyone close enough to you. You're pretty fast too, but your big weakness is needing to get close to your enemies - which makes you vulnerable to long-rnge attacks. Would you rather be a different character? Then take this quiz again!

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

You're Junker Queen!

You're the Australian wasteland warrior, the Junker Queen! You have a very useful and powerful mid-range shotgun, but your most interesting weapons are your axe and throwing knife, which lets you steal health from your victims! A very useful trick on the battlefield!

Overwatch 2 | Blizzard

You're Orisa!

You're an armoured battle robot built by an 11-year old genius on Numbani! You have a machine-gun like primary weapon and a powerful energy javelin. You can also release a huge shockwave called the Terra Surge, which can potentialy blow up a whole enemy team! Would you rather be a different character? Then take this quiz again!