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Which Sam and Colby Video Should You Watch?

With so many exciting exploration videos on their site, it can be hard to choose, let us help!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 25th 2023

Whether it’s a spooky spectacle factory or a crumbling church, Sam and Colby are experts in exploration. But this also means that they’ve made a whole load of content and it can be difficult to decide which of their videos is right for you! So have a go at this quiz and see for yourself!


What are you more afraid of?


It’s late at night and there is a knock on the door, what do you do?


The floorboards creak and the lights flicker, what is happening?


What is your favourite type of spooky creature?


Where scares you the most?


You’re on an adventure in the woods and suddenly your torch breaks, what do you do?


What is your favourite colour?


You’re trapped on a haunted island, how do you escape?


The demons have followed you from the island and have taken over your school - what do you do?


Sam and Colby were busy, so were Kris and the Ghostbusters - and you couldn’t find enough candles for the ritual so the demon has opened a portal to Hell, what next?

Sam & Colby | YouTube

Most Haunted Mansion in New York!

In this video, Sam and Colby team up with KallMeKris and SpookyBoo to explore the Kreischer Mansion - one of the spookiest places in New York! You’re the kind of person that likes the idea that the supernatural could be anywhere, and that’s why you’ve got this result! Give it a watch!

Sam & Colby | YouTube

The Demon of Chillingham Castle

In this video, Sam and Colby team up with Daz to explore the mysteries and maybe terrors of Chillingham Castle! No that’s not a castle all named after a cold piece of meat! It’s only one of the scariest places in the UK, and if you know anything about Daz, it’ll be a fright filled fun-fest! Go on, check it out!

Sam & Colby | YouTube

The Demonic Secret Society of England

Woof! This is one of the scariest videos that Sam and Colby have ever made, so we hope you’re ready for it! In this video they dig deep into the mist of England’s spooky past and what they find might give you nightmares! So if you think you’re ready for it, check out the video and see what you think!

Sam & Colby | YouTube

The Night a Demon Attacked Us!

Oh No! Not this video! Your results show us that you’re the kind of person that isn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with the paranormal! And what could be closer?! In This video Sam and Colby team up with their friends Kris and Katrina with some spectacularly spooky consequences!