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Squishy Quiz: Which Squishy Are You?

What squishy will you be?! Find out now in this awesome quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  July 1st 2021

1/10 What's your fave food?


What's the most important thing about squishies?


How fast should a squishy rise?


What's the best squishy smell?


What time do you like to get up in the morning?


6/10 What's your favourite animal?


7/10 Choose a cute dogย 


8/10 Choose a cute cat

@cutie.district | Instagram

If you were going out for the day - what would you do with your squishies?


10/10 What's your fave season?

Anboor | Amazon

You're a Jumbo Squishy!

You're a jumbo squishy! What's the point in having a squishy if it's not going to be MASSIVE, right?! You're super extra and loads of fun so everyone loves to hang out with you. You're big personality requires big squishies. Simple!

@polymish | Instagram

You're a Squishy Keychain!

You're a squishy keychain! You'd rather have loads of little squishies than one big one. You love that you can carry them around with you because they're so tiny and cute.ย 

@pastellanoodle | Instagram

You're Millie and Billie the Whale !

You're a true squishy fan - you're the original IBloom squishy Millie or Billie the Whale. You're super smiley and friendly and everyone loves you!ย 

You're a Slow Rising Squishy!

You're a slow rising squishy! You like staying in bed and don't understand how anyone can be a morning person!! You believe that the most important thing about squishies is that they're good quality and slow rising!