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Which Star Wars: The Bad Batch Character Are You?

The Bad Batch are the real rogues of the galaxy - but which of them are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 6th 2023

The Bad Batch have been on an incredible journey from the heart of the Republic through to the dawn of the new Empire - they’re not perfect, but they’ve all got incredible skills for the challenges that face them! But which one of these amazing and complicated characters have you got the most in common with?! Time to find out once and for all!


What is your favourite colour?

2/10 Cad Bane

Cad Bane has you cornered, what do you do?


Favourite planet?


Order 66 has been given, what do you do?


The hyperdrive is down, what do you do?


Favourite animal?


Choose your weapon…


Favourite seasoning?


The Marauder has crash landed, what do you do first?


Favourite fruit?

Result: Cad Bane

Cad Bane!

Uh Oh! You’re most like Cad Bane! One of the greatest villains and most skillful bounty hunters in the galaxy! You might not like this result, but you can’t argue that Cad Bane gets things done! A little bit like you, when you put your mind to something you commit all the way - let’s just forget about all the bad stuff Cad does?

Result: Crosshair


Woah! You’re most like Crosshair! He has been many things to many people, but there is no debate that he is one of the gang that you’d want on your side when it came to it! With great skill comes great responsibility, so let’s hope you make the right decisions, you don’t have to do exactly what Crosshair does, you’ve got the choice to use your epic skills for good!

Result: Hunter


Nice, you’re Hunter, one of the main faces of the Bad Batch! With your favourite bandana you can be a force for good in the galaxy! Hunter knows right from wrong and always acts with compassion and a clear mind - a little bit like you! Of all the characters, Hunter is one of the coolest - nice work!

Result: Omega


Omega is unique, she is the only female clone of Jango Fett! She knows right from wrong and despite her small size compared to the challenges she faces, she always rises up and gets through them! A little bit like you, a little bit of trouble doesn’t stop you getting what you want and deserve! Keep it up! Oh, and remember Omega is part of the Greek alphabet!