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Which Supersmash Bros Character Are You? Quiz

I want to be in Supersmash Bros. Do you?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

You wake up. Today is the day of the big fight. What do you wear?


Your opponent awaits. What now?


Oh no! They've dodged! What now?


They're still coming for you. Your last chance manoeuvre is..?


Phew! Your enemy is defeated. What now?


Post fight snack/beverage?


Time for the prize giving speech. Who do you thank?


After the fight you return to hotel room. How do you pass the time?


Almost time for sleep. What film do you watch as drift off to sleep?


You wake up in the morning. It was all a weird dream. You've not been fighting at all. You must have been playing too much Supersmash Bros! Just time for a quick go before school, though. Who do you pick to play as?


You're good at everything, so when you see someone in trouble you're glad to lend a helping hand

Donky Kong

Like Donky Kong you're a snappy dresser (well he does have a lovely red tie) and incredibly determined. Especially when it comes to utilising your super strength to win at Supersmash Bros


You're fast like Link. You could work on your resilience though because sometimes you might get bored easily. But not while playing Supersmash Bros, obviously.