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Which Sway House Member Are You?

Which of the Sway House crew are you? Find out with this utlimate quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 23rd 2022
1/10 Alarm clock on yellow and blue background

When the alarm goes off in the morning, what do you do?

2/10 Bowl of cereal

Pick a breakfast

3/10 Woman filming herself

What's your favourite social media app?

4/10 Woman looking puzzled on yellow background

Pick a Hype House member

5/10 Man looking puzzled on white background

Pick a Quarantine challenge

6/10 Three female friends on beach

What's your role in your group of friends?

7/10 Person holding tennis ball and racket

Pick a sport

8/10 Woman dancing on purple background

What kind of TikTok videos do you like making?

9/10 Unmade white bed

Do you go to bed when you should?

10/10 City aerial shot

Pick a city

Bryce Result
Bryce Hall | Youtube

Bryce Hall

You're Bryce! You're fun, outgoing and popular!

Quinton result
@qgriggs_fanpage | Twitter

Quinton Griggs

You're Quinton! You're funny, creative and you think outside the box!

Griffin result

Griffin Johnson

You're Griffin! You're sweet, thoughtful and always there for your friends!

Kio result
@kiocyrrr | Tik Tok

Kio Cyr

You're Kio! You're creative, friendly and curious about the world!