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Which The Climb 2 Climb Are You?

With so many amazing routes up to the top - which should you do?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 30th 2024

The Climb 2 has brought in some incredible new biomes for you to travel through over and up! But with all that new choice it can be difficult to make the decision which one is for you so let us help! We’ve devised a special quiz to help and once you’re through you’ll know exactly where your next adventure will be - so let’s get into it!


What season do you like the most?


What is your favourite part of your climbing gear?


You’ve been invited to climb the Empire State Building - what do you say?


What do you have for lunch?


What kind of shoes would you wear to climb?


Your best friend doesn’t want to continue the climb - what do you do?


There is a goat stuck on a high ledge - what do you do?


The clouds are coming in and it’s becoming difficult to see ahead - what do you do?


You’ve run out of chalk - what do you use instead?


It’s too windy to climb - what do you do instead?


This urban cityscape is one of the cleanest of all the maps, hard lines and glass make climbing here a slippery place indeed! You can slide off at a moment’s notice and that is exactly the way you like it! That’s why you’ve gotten this answer, not only do you like things to be proper, but at the same time you love a bit of risk and danger too!


Great! The Alps is one of the most beautiful of all of the climbing spots in this game! Use the markers on rocks to ascend right to the top of some of the most glorious mountain reigns on Earth! That’s probably why you’ve gotten this answer - for you, looks are some of the most important things when it comes to choosing a climbing route! It doesn’t matter if it’s hard, or easy - so long as it looks cool!


Climbing in the Bay is one of the warmest and nicest of all the locations to climb in this game! You’ll be basked in the golden colour of the sun as you wriggle your way around some of the hardest climbs in the world of gaming! But don’t let the beauty of the landscape trick you! This is a hard place to climb - and a little bit like you, even though you might seem very relaxed - there's a strong spirit just below!


Awesome! According to your answers you should spend your time in the North location! These sweeping panorama views are guaranteed to fill you with joy! Just make sure that you’re keeping warm, because these climbing routes are some of the colder ones! Little specks of snow and a few little plants make these climbing routes very special, because even though it’s cold, there is some serious strength in the cold! A bit like you - even though people might think you’re a bit ‘off’ sometimes, or a bit cold - just below the surface, or even right up at the top, you’ve got the warmth of a Bay climbing route!