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Which Tik Tok Dance Are You?

Are you more of a renegade or a hand thingy?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Which Tik Tok Dance Are You?

1/7 Group of Friends

How would your mates describe you?

2/7 Teenagers Hanging Out

What couldn't you live without?

3/7 Holly H on a white background

Who's Your Favourite Tik Tok Star?

4/7 A man and a woman doing the macarena

What's your favourite old dance?

5/7 Woody and Forky
Toy Story 4

What's your favourite thing to do on Tik Tok?

6/7 Tik Tokker on orange background
Tik Tok

What's Your Favourite Tik Tok challenge?

7/7 Baby Groot dancing
Guardians of The Galaxy 2

How good are you at dancing?

Tik Tokker on straw background
Tik Tok

Git Up!

 Ye haw! You're a bit of a wild card, a free spirit who can't be tamed. 

Boy yellow background
Tik Tok

Finger Thingy

Why dance with your whole body when you only need to move your hands? You're a creative type who loves finding clever ways to handle problems. 

Tik Tok

Why didn't you say so

Well why didn't you? You're always up for a bit of drama and you love being the centre of attention, just like this latest dance craze

Tik Tokker on purple background
Tik Tok

Renegade dance

You're a bit of a renegade - obviously. You're a cool character and everyone knows it. Everyone wants to be you!