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Which Type Of Sims 4 Player Are You?

We all love the Sims but what sort of player are you? Do you make your Sims work really hard so they can earn loads of money or do you love using the motherload cheat code? Play the quiz to find out which type of Sims 4 player you are!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 6th 2021

Which type of Sims player are you?


1/10 Pick an emoji that sums up how you play the Sims


When choosing your sims outfit, what sort of things do you pick?


When you’re building your house what do you focus on


Would you like to have pets?


What job would your Sim do?


Would you like your Sim to have children?


7/10 Which picture do you like the best?


Which activity would you enjoy the most?


Pick something for your Sim to say


10/10 Which Sim do you like the most? /

You're a: Builder

You love building and you're all about the design and creativity of your home. You regularly update your home decoration and maybe even plan on making your home bigger and bigger until it looks more like a castle! /

You're a: Money Maker

You want your Sim to work hard, build their skills and earn lots of money. You're not into cheat codes and want to earn money so that your Sim can have lots of fun! /

You're a: Cheat

You want your Sim to be able to afford everything they want... so, you cheat! Duh, rosebud makes everything so easy! Now they can live a life of luxury! /

You're a: Family Player

You focus on family. Having a big and loving family is what makes you happy. Perhaps you're even thinking of trying to complete the 100 babies challenge?! /

Super Fun

You LOVE having fun with your Sims. Taking them on adventures and making sure they're super happy are the main things you focus on. Keep having fun!