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Which Type of Trick-Or-Treater Are You?

Find out which type of Trick-Or-Treater you are.

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
@HorrorTown | Giphy

Let’s go trick or treating…




Would you rather...

Jurassic Park | Universal Pictures | Amblin Entertainment | Steven Spielberg

You hear a distant howling!

The Simpsons | 20th Century Fox Television | Fox Network

Favourite snack?


That’s a scary looking house!


Wait a second! Carrot sticks aren't treats.

You're a Ghost

You might not like being the centre of attention, but when there’s a friend in need they'll definitely feel your presence. That’s the spirit!

You're a Werewolf

Sometimes you can be a bit ferrel, but your lupine growling hides a kinder nature. Somewhere underneath all that fur is good friend. Just not during the full moon!

You're a Scary Clown

Quick witted and funny, you’re the first to the pun in any situation. But your circus make-up hides a darker side. It’s not all custard pies and buckets of water, you know. Sometimes there's serious scaring to be done!

You're a Zombie

So what if you follow you're friend’s around mindlessly, and spend all day staring into space. It’s fun being a zombie. It’s what my parents call me when I’m gaming, after all!