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Which Undertale Character Are You?

How will you get through the ruins of Undertale? Find out which Undertale character you are with this epic gaming quiz!

Are you more Frisk or Sans? Undertale is full of quirky characters with unique personalities.

It’s time to find out which Undertale character you’re most like.

Undertale is a wildly popular video game, so it’s no surprise that you want to know which character you are. Will it be your favourite character? Will you get the answer you expect? There’s pretty much only one way to find out, and that’s to answer the following 10 questions.

Our scientific (promise!) test lets you find out which Undertale character you are using a range of factors: your nickname… favourite special power… how much you like snail pie. Let’s do this!

What Undertale Character Am I?

Undertale | Toby Fox

Are you a good or bad character?

Undertale | Toby Fox

Which of these are you?

Undertale | Toby Fox

Pick something for lunch:

Undertale | Toby Fox

Pick a nickname:

Undertale | Toby Fox

Pick an activity:


How do you like to get about?

Undertale | Toby Fox

What do you want to be when you're a grown-up?

Undertale | Toby Fox

Do you have any special powers?

Undertale | Toby Fox

Pick a quote:

Undertale | Toby Fox

What's more important to you?

Undertale | Toby Fox

You're Frisk!

You're the main character, Frisk! You're the only human in the game and really have your work cut out for you in Undertale! Go Frisk!

Undertale | Toby Fox

You're Papyrus!

You're the imposing skeleton, Papyrus! You're obsessed with the idea of capturing a human so you can be popular again in the Royal Guard. You're hot-headed and get upset pretty easily. We all suspect you're a nice guy deep down, though.

Undertale | Toby Fox

You're Toriel!

You're the guardian of the ruins, you like snail pie and taking Frisk on mad adventures round the ruins! 

Undertale | Toby Fox

You're Sans!

You're the smiley skeleton, Sans! You're a good guy – Papyrus' brother and Toriel's friend. You like science fiction, puns, and drinking ketchup. Ok, then.

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