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Which Video Game Villain Are You?

Find out just how evil you are with this cool quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/8 Woman laughing on yellow background

Choose a laugh

2/8 Man dressed as devil on white background

Choose an evil piece of clothing

3/8 Shark in lava

How would you dispose of your enemies?

4/8 Monkey leaping through trees and screaming pinapple

Who does your dirty work?

5/8 Spooky looking castle

Where do you live?

6/8 Woman surrounded by falling money on grey background with chicken

Why are you so evil?

7/8 Doughnuts on grey background

What's your number one weakness?

8/8 Woman thinking on yellow background

Finally, what's your evil catchphrase?

Bowser result thumbnail
Super Mario Bros | Nintendo


You're Bowser! You might not be the scariest villain of all time, but you do your best!

Dr Robotnik thumbnail
Sonic The Hedgehog | Sega

Dr. Robotnik

You're Dr Robotnik! You're all powerful, and you rule the world! That pesky Sonic can try his best, but he'll never get the better of you!

Mewtwo Resutl thumbnail
Pokemon | Nintendo


You're Mewtwo! You have many special powers and your enemies fear you! Your psychic skills mean people think twice before crossing you!