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Which Wildcat Am I? Quiz

Are you feline lucky? The take our wildcat quiz to see if you're more lynx or cougar!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 24th 2022
1/8 Wild cat on log

What's your preferred climate?

2/8 Wildcat standing

Pick a continent 

3/8 Cat next to grass

How lazy are you?

4/8 Cat growling at camera

Pick a big cat

5/8 Cats face

How scary are you?

6/8 Cat looking surprised on white background

Pick an adorable pet cat name

7/8 Cat on grey background

Pick a drink 

8/8 Wildcat growling

Could you survive a night in the wild?

Scottish Wildcat result

Scottish Wildcat

You're a Scottish Wildcat! You're a fierce fighter and a an untameble tabby! Scottish Wildcats might look like cute kitties, but don't let that fool you! They're the fearsome chiefs of the Highlands! 

Cougar result thumbnail


You're a cougar! These fierce critters are also called Mountain Lions, and just like them you love being out in the sun. No one messes with you! 

African golden cat thumbnail

African Golden Cat

You're an African Golden Cat - rare, beautiful and mysterious! You're not as big as your lion cousins, but you're no less impressive! It doesn't take much for you to get your claws out!

Lynx result thumbnail


You're a Lynx! With their pointy ears and big paws, Lynx are the most stylish of all the wild cats! You love being outdoors, hanging with your pals and showing off!