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Who Is Your Friends Crush?

You must be wondering by now who your BFF fancies. Take this quiz to find out - the answer might confuse you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Do you think your friend prefers girls or boys?


How does your friend like their eggs?


How does your friend go to school?


What's your friend's idea of a romantic meal?

u/oldironsides | imgur

Your friends wants a girlfriend or boyfriend who is...

@dillonfrancis | giphy

Pick some romantic music:


Where should your friend and their crush go for a day out?


What's your friend's favourite animal?

@florsounds | giphy

What does your friend do when you talk about their crush?

Your friends fancies Emperor Palpatine!

Looks like your friend's crush is the evil Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine! Well, they do say love is blind. And it might shoot lasers out of its hands sometimes too.

toystory | twitter

Your friends fancies Forky from Toy Story!

Your friend's crush is the talking fork thing from Toy Story 4! That's understandable - they do have a great sense of humour. You could even call them their bowl mate (like soulmate - get it? Like forks?) 

Beauty and the Beast | Walt Disney Animation Studios | | Howard Ashman / John Lasseter | Gary Trousdale / Kirk Wise

Your friend fancies Mrs Potts!

Your friend's crush is Mrs Potts - you know, the talking teapot from Beauty and the Beast. Well - she is a steamy minx (steamy like a teapot - geddit? Never mind)

Your friend fancies themselves!

Your friend's crush is actually themselves! Nobody else is good enough - and that's totally fine. Who needs a crush anyway?

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