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Why We Love Jokes!

Find out just why jokes are so awesome!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2022

 Knock knock! Who's there? An incredible listicle of all the reasons why we love laughing! 

They Boost Your Mood

 Scientific studies have shown that laughing is good for you! Good for your mood, good for your body, just all round good! There's no downside to a good laugh!

They Open Up A Whole New World

Jokes are fun because they play with words in brand new ways - puns, double meanings, and new words are all a big part of why jokes are so awesome!

They're Relaxing

Studies have shown that endorphins (chemicals that makes you feel good) are released when you laugh! There's nothing better to chill you out than a few good chuckles!  

You Learn New Stuff

Jokes are fun because you learn all kinds of new things from jokes, new words, new facts, all sorts of things! If you're not careful, you might find out that some of the jokes your teacher has been trying on you were actually a sneaky way of helping you LEARN! 

You can share them

What's better than hearing a good joke? TELLING a good joke! Is there a better feeling than waiting until your mate gets the punchline? Exactly! Sharing jokes is one of the key ways human beings bond with each other, so every time you tell one, just know you're helping make the world a nicer place! 

Jokes Stop Pain!

Yes, laughing has been shown to be a good pain relief! So next time you stub your toe, pull out your phone and check out our jokes page!

You Never Know What's Going To Happen Next

One of the best bits about jokes? The...surprise! 

Laughing is a form of exercise

Have you ever laughed so hard your tummy hurt? Maybe a little bit of wee came out? All that laughing and wheezing actually burns calories, so next time your mum says you don't get enough exercise, you can tell her that laughter is helping you keep fit!

It's An Art Form

Yes, jokes are art! You might think of art as serious and deep, but jokes are just as much of an artform as any paintings or songs! In fact, lots of artists liked jokes...Marcel Duchamp, for example, once put  a urinal on display as a piece of art! Now that is wee-ally funny. 

They're Funny!

Jokes are funny! And funny things are good! It's that simple, folks! So there's no excuses not have a laugh, or maybe even try writing some jokes yourself? See what you come up with!