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Why We Love Videos!

Videos. Everyone knows them...but what's so good about them really? Let's find out!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. They're like pictures - but BETTER!

A video is basically just loads of pictures stuck together, and then flicked through really fast. Most videos have at least 24 pictures (or "frames") squashed in to every second - so a minute of video will be made up of thousands of pictures!Which makes it thousands of times better, right?

2. The Interwebs

Imagine Youtube without videos! Or Tik Tok! What would it be like? Just thumbnails and comments? Sounds rubbish.Almost all of your favorite people right now will make videos of some sort. Funny videos, interesting videos, weird videos. In fact, you can do pretty much anything with videos. Like...

3. Learn a language

How do you say "pass the salt" in Arabic? Or "that's not my dog, mister" in the Xhosa language of South Africa and Zimbabwe?No idea? Well you can bet there'll be a video online explaining how!

4. Watch things explode

Explosions are really dangerous - so you probably don't want to experience one in real life. But then how are you going to watch anything get blown up?Videos, that's how! The totally safe way to watch stuff explode in a giant fireball!

@starwars | giphy

5. Learn Something New

Watching videos online is a great way to learn new things, like how to crush a watermelon with your bare hands or the correct way to balance a spoon on your nose.Of course, you can also use videos to learn useful things too. But more on that later!

6. Make Some Art

Remember how videos are just moving pictures? Well you can use them to make art too. You can do all kinds of cool stuff with a camera - from arty black and white films to compilations of you slapping bits of ham and yodelling. Do whatever you like, and there's a 100% chance it'll be art if you want it to be.That's how art works!

7. Catch Up On School Work

Sounds boring but hear us out - you've probably missed a lot of school over the last year, and it's important to find fun ways to catch up if you can. There are some great educational shows like Horrible Histories and nature documentaries, so you can keep learning whilst watching videos. Easy! 

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8. Cook Something Exciting

As well as all the life hacks, guides and how-to videos online - there are also LOADS of cookery videos. Team up with a semi-sensible adult and look up how to cook something you've never eaten before. One way is to pick a country at random, and cook the first dish from there that you find. You'll probably find a video showing you how it's done! How's about Hunan stinky tofu? West African fufu soup? Or that weird British delicacy... the pickled egg. Ooooh!

9. Videos Help Us Communicate

Not seen your Granny for ages? Send her a video! And not just you waving awkwardly at the camera - you could film a puppet show for her, or take her on a mystery tour of the space underneath your bed. It's more fun than writing a postcard!

10. Make Your Own Videos!

What is it you like about videos? Have a think and make your own. Don't worry about the camera - your mum's old phone will do. It could be your own short movie, a prank, or something weird. There's no right or wrong way to do it, so just have a go!